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Go France!

July 9, 2006

hi everyone!

i watched Superman Returns today. the movie was good, luv it. i really like Brandon Routh as Superman. i think he fit the role perfectly.

guess wut? i received a surprise call from HANI yesterday!! memang sangat terkejut..haha. she called my house and bila aku angkat fon tibe2 dengar the caller nyanyi. aku macam konfius. mula-mula ingat melissa tapi melissa tak segiler tu nak nyanyi2 camtu. hahaha!!! rasenye die nyanyi lagu koir. hani memang lawak! rindu sangat! and we hv agreed to meet, maybe next wik. =)

ok, i nak mandi solat sume. lepas tu nak buat nescafe cos nak stay-up for the most important-u-know-wut-event tonite. cewaahh!!

to zizou, best of luck to u my love.. =) Viva Les Blues!!

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