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nak cepat baik!!

September 6, 2006

addib, about the lumps tu, aku memang dah lame tau, and dua tahun lepas dah pernah buat FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology) which is the commonly used form of initial diagnostic biopsy untuk lumps camni lah. sooo, aku tak risau sangat cos the result showed that my lump was benign (non-cancerous) dan tak pernah ada yg dapat cancer dalam family history. even my doctor pun cakap tak buang sekarang pun takpe. my lumps are actually fibroadenomas.
soooo, kepada kawan-kawan yg ada lumps tapi takut nak jumpa doc, jumpa la cepat. i know someone yg ada ni. hehe.. u know who u are. tapi takpela, since ko dah pi wat FNAC jugak. sooo.. insyaAllah there’s nothing to worry.

check this out – Fibroadenoma

General Description Fibroadenomas are the most common benign tumors of the female breast. They develop at any age but are more common in young women, often teenagers, and are mistaken for cancer. They may be excised but frequently recur.

tadi Cik Huraiza from HR Dept called me. dia suruh rest sampai betul-betul ok, lepas tu pergi balik jumpa doc & insyaAllah, dalam next week, boleh start kerja. cant wait!

a very good news, encik faez passed his 1st CCNP exam this morning. alhamdulillah! im soooo happy for u!!!! afther this ada another 3 exams. CCNP ada 4 exams.

okla, till then.

p/s: anem, layout baruku itu kan bile pakai firefox, entry bertindih-tindih la cam sheranye dulu. sorilaa.. budak CS pun tanya kat budak ME pasal layout neh..

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