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Sorry Girls!!

January 20, 2007

whoooaaaa!! the last entry i wrote was a month ago!! alaaar girls u know laa, ive been verryyy busy with work lately (note the BOLD ‘very’) not to forget i had to qadha tido every weekend. penat tau, everyday balik ofis sampai rumah around 7pm. mandi solat makan, around 9 mata dah ngantok. see? mane ade masa nak update. hihihi.. i know its the same lame excuses..eceewaaaahh, but sooo sorry ok! im still here laar. no interesting news to tell e.g get engaged ke? beli kereta baru ke? haha yay soon! :-p

at first i thot nak ngedet dengan faez tomorrow but tak jadi cos i hv no money! 😦 sori sayang, i know u can afford me, eceewaah! but since my mum tau yg duit dalam account i dah tinggal seciput, dia tak akan kasi keluar menghabiskan duit my bf pulak. can u believe it? duit gaji dah habis! this month bayar phone bills RM290, grrr!! servis kereta tukar itu ini RM300, double grrr!! ni pun phone bills dah turun sikit, last month RM400++. hehe, takla abis langsung duitku but tak best laar kan nak keluar dengan duit yg seciput tu. but next week payday ok! yeayyy!!!

i wanna watch The Guardian. macam best je. ya, i know erin, your ashie’s in it (ashie?? tak seswai! ;p) the last movie i saw was Night at The Museum.

my bro in-law (weekkss perasan, belom kawin lagi! soon insyaAllah :p) dah dapat baby, kak azreen delivered the baby last week. eh but lupelaaa baby boy or girl?? aiyyoo what a terrible aunt-to-be!! nanti karang tanya faez balik.

ok anem, shera, ecah, erin chang?? puas hati tak aku update nih? v(^-^)v

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