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My Celeb Look-alikes! ;-p

February 11, 2007

i sooo want Jessica Alba as my celeb look-alike haha! and i got her! ;-p haha this is fun ok! (sebab i dapat Jessica Alba!!!)

let’s see another photo. ngehngehngehngeh..

hey see? i got meg ryan two times!!! guess i do look like her.. a bit! :)) i’ve tried another two photos. gisele & nanako appeared twice in my list tau!! doing this is much fun than kira gaji orang.. hehehe!

i got tagged by eyda, but ill do it later ok dear. hv juz read erin’s blog. hihihi nasib x salah hari ek erin. cant wait to see u guys at anem’s place tomorrow! mwaahhhsss!!

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