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yada yada yada!

February 22, 2007

i am sooooooooooooo in love with my work now! 🙂 poyo!! i hope dila wont read this! matilah aku kene kutuk sok gi opis. hehehehe. emmm ntahla, the workload is still the same ~ maybe bcos of the people around kot. and i think i can breathe easier now without my so-called mak tiri in the payroll unit! wahahahha apekah? dila, kau je yg paham. yet i dun want u to read this :p

but still..the sad thing is – iza’s going to resign frm the Bank in two weeks time. 😥 shes juz got better offer at DHL, wut do u expect..

coming saturday my UTM girls & I are going to PD. hopefully our plan will turn out FUNtastic..insyaAllah. dah lame tak cuti-cuti malaysia kan korang! walaupun ini cuma cuti-cuti malaysia yg tak berapa cuti-cuti malaysia, but its still cuti-cuti malaysia! hehehehe! cant wait! ecah achim, pls do not cry..sob sob..

oohh lets welcome encik hezry as my new blog reader..eceewaah!

ok guys, have a nice day! mwaahhhsss!!

fizz – i miss u laa. i’ll email u first thing in the morning tomorrow. 🙂

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